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A Safe Place for Our Money

The Yard Kidz open a bank account

Alors tu veux démarrer une entreprise!

Sam et Katie décident de démarrer une entreprise et c’est le début de Yard Kids!

Before You Start Playing Hockey

So you've decided you LOVE hockey! Now let's find out what equipment you need and learn the rules of the game!

Budget Basics

Kat and Angie learn how a budget can help you meet your financial goals.

Care for Your Cat

Learn how to keep your cat happy, healthy and well-behaved.

Care for Your Dog

Learn how to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved.

Comment se faire payer

En argent comptant? Par chèque? Par carte de crédit? Quel est le meilleur moyen pour Yard Kidz de se faire payer?


$1.00 $7.99


This lesson defines cyberbullying, provides examples and discusses what actions kids can take if they are someone they know if being bullied online.