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Adding Value to Your Elearning Role

Adding Value to Your Elearning Role

With the recent unfortunate cull of staff across the tech industry and beyond, it’s vitally important that you consider the value you bring to your eLearning role, and how you can demonstrate your worth to your employer.

This may sound like a harsh reality, but these are the times we live in. It doesn't hurt to be your own champion - being able to promote your hard work and personal wins is an underrated skill that you need to consider bringing to the fore. 

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this important article by Megan Dillon for the Training Industry website called “Recession-proof Your L&D Job: a Guide to Adding Value”. Megan is a Senior Manager in learning and development, with experience overseeing results-driven, strategic initiatives across various industries.

Megan believes that learning and development has the potential to empower individuals to perform at optimal levels, and her informative article shines a light on four key areas to consider:

  • Be a problem solver
  • Embrace the unconventional
  • Tie it all back to dollar
  • Be your own advocate

Megan said:

“Don’t wait for the business to approach you when navigating your role during a recession. Instead, jump in, be proactive, and propose solutions early and often. Show the company that you can add value and strategically solve problems through outcome-driven learning initiatives. Feeling nervous during uncertain times is natural, but focusing on what you can control will help you cope. Use these recession-proofing tips to feel confident and in control of your role.”

Click the link below to read Megan’s article in full and find out how you can bring value to your eLearning role today.

Real full article here