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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes can happen any time, without warning. 


In the US, all states and territories are at some risk for earthquakes. Higher risk areas include California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Mississippi Valley. 


In Canada, the coast of British Columbia is the region most at risk from a major earthquake. Other areas prone to earthquakes are the St. Lawrence and Ottawa River valleys, as well as parts of the three northern territories.


In this course, you will learn what you can do to prepare for earthquakes, as well as how to stay safe when and after an earthquake occurs.  Specifically, you will learn:


  •               What you can do to your home to make it less susceptible to earthquake damage
  •               What supplies you should have at home and in other places such as your car and your workplace
  •               Earthquake drills that you should conduct regularly at work and at home
  •               What you should do to stay safe during an earthquake
  •               How to stay safe after the earth stops moving


When you register for multiple seats of this and other Vubiz courses, your employees’ learning is automatically recorded in a Learning Management System (LMS), so you can see who has successfully completed the training and when.  Your training records are generated automatically! Courses are also available to be put on your LMS if you have one.

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At Vubiz, we all have co-workers, families and friends we care about and want to keep safe.  We hope that by making this course available at no charge, we can help to keep you, your employees, your families and your friends safe too.


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