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*Customer Service - The Complete 14 Module Program

This program provides the tools needed to be a successful service leader and achieve quality service in your organization. Click the Buy Now button to see volume pricing discounts!
From $19.50

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act eLearning (AODA)

Get informed about the AODA and IASR in one course.
From $19.50

Améliorer la fidélisation de vos clients

This course will provide employees and managers with a basic understanding of and tools for building customer loyalty.
From $19.50

APCR-1: Advanced Professional Customer Relations Soft Skills Series: Behind Organizational Customer Service

This course offers important insight and perspective on how effective customer service is handled at the organizational level.
From $49.50

Attaining Excellence for Leaders and Managers

Learn powerful new coaching skills that will allow you to make significant improvements in customer service, quality and employee self-worth.
From $19.50

Basics of Market Research

Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to expand an existing business, sound information about your market is critical for success. You need to discover all you can about consumer preferences and buying habits, your competitors, and existing products.
From $19.50
Picture of Creating Valuable Customer Relationships

Creating Valuable Customer Relationships

Good customer relations are a key success factor in any business. This module will help you discover the advantages to you and your customers of reaching out to each other and communicating openly.
From $19.50
Picture of Creating Winning First Impressions

Creating Winning First Impressions

First impressions are made within minutes, but they last much longer than that and can seriously affect a client's decision to choose you and your company or to go elsewhere.
From $19.50
Picture of Créer d'importantes relations avec les clients

Créer d'importantes relations avec les clients

Les bonnes relations avec la clientèle sont un facteur clé pour le succès de toute entreprise. Ce module vous aidera à découvrir les avantages de communiquer ouvertement pour vous et vos clients.
From $19.50
Picture of Créer une première impression favorable

Créer une première impression favorable

Les premières impressions sont faites en quelques minutes, mais elles durent beaucoup plus longtemps que cela et elles peuvent sérieusement affecter la décision d’un client de traiter avec vous ou d’aller ailleurs.
From $19.50

Customer First Series (11 modules)

Your customers will make you or break you, and developing relationships is the bottom line. In this series, you will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations.
From $49.50

Customer Loyalty Improvement

This course will provide employees and managers with a basic understanding of and tools for building customer loyalty.
From $19.50

Customer Service Certificate

This certificate program improves customer service by looking at maintaining customers, first impressions, overcoming barriers, diffusing tensions and improving telephone skills.
From $39.50

Customer Service Excellence

Inspire your employees with the Quality Service philosophy and give them the skills they need to provide excellence in customer service.
From $19.50

Customer Support

This course teaches you to use the power of the Internet to better support customers during the sales process and to increase customer satisfaction.
From $19.50