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Elearning Tips to Motivate Employees

Elearning Tips to Motivate Employees

Sometimes it’s difficult to get employees to truly engage when it comes to online training. That’s why we thought we’d share with you seven great eLearning tips on how you can motivate your workforce to understand the importance of workplace training.

Written by Helen Colman for the Business2Community website, her interesting piece ‘7 Tips to Motivate Employees with eLearning’ looks at how you can improve the engagement of your team companywide, and impel your employees to do their best in both training and work.

These tips include topics such as:

  • Make training relevant
  • Expect tangible results
  • Add interactivity
  • Keep it short
  • Give learners control
  • Provide feedback
  • Recognize and award

Helen is an editor and content strategist at ‘iSpring’, with over 7 years of experience working as a teacher. Her skillset is both broad and deep in the area of professional learning development, with a real passion for using technology to deliver learning that is both personalized and engaging for every user.

Helen said:

“More and more companies opt for online training for their employees. It’s a faster, cheaper, and more convenient way to create learning content and deliver it to employees. However, like any process in your company, it’s as effective as your employees put their efforts into it. Using these seven practices, you can motivate them to achieve better performance in learning, embrace opportunities for self-development, and become more committed to practicing new knowledge in the workplace.”

Click the link below to read Helen’s full article on the Business2Community website and discover the eLearning tips you need to motivate your employees today!


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