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Industry Specific Training

This catalog contains courses for the Insurance, Chemical, Mining and Banking industries.

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Advertising Compliance

Ensure that your bank’s advertising and marketing materials are compliant.
From $20.00
Agricultural Lending Online Training Course

Agricultural Lending

This Agricultural Lending online training course is designed for bank employees. As with all forms of lending, agricultural lending poses a unique set of risks for lenders. In this course we will provide you with an overview of agricultural lending.
From $20.00

Americans with Disabilities Act for Banks

Almost all banks are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This course will teach you what you need to know to make sure your bank is ADA compliant.
From $20.00
Picture of Americans with Disabilities Act Training for Frontline Staff

Americans with Disabilities Act Training for Frontline Staff

This course takes a look at the Americans with Disabilities Act from the perspective of a frontline employee. You will learn how you can help make sure your bank is providing accessible customer service.
From $20.00
Cours de formation en ligne Aperçu de l’initiative de la Gestion responsable

Aperçu de l’initiative de la Gestion responsable

Ce cours de formation en ligne Aperçu de l’initiative de la Gestion responsable a été conçu pour les employés qui sont préoccupés par les effets des produits chimiques sur leur santé et l'environnement. Découvrez la réponse de l'industrie de la chimie, l'importance de l'initiative de la Gestion responsable, son évolution et pourquoi elle continue d'être importante pour l'industrie de la chimie aujourd'hui.
From $35.00

Appraisal Standards

Appraisal standards and regulations help banks financial institutions avoid losses due to overvalued real estate. This course provides you with an in-depth look at the regulatory agencies appraisal standards.
From $20.00
Picture of Auditing Assets

Auditing Assets

Auditing assets is a vital element of any internal audit program. This course will equip you with the tools to successfully audit assets at your bank.
From $20.00

Auditing Liabilities and Other Activities

Short Description: Auditing liabilities is a critical aspect of the internal auditor’s job. This module will provide internal auditors with the tools needed to implement better audit programs and procedures when auditing liabilities.
From $20.00

Auditing: The Basics

The internal auditor is an essential role in any bank. This introductory module provides you with an overview of the bank auditing.
From $20.00

Balancing 101

There isn’t another front-line cash handling job where balancing is as important as it is in banking. This course looks at balancing and the till audit process.
From $20.00

Bank Information Systems Auditing

Technology in the financial services industry moves at a rapid pace and internal auditors need to keep up. This course provides an in-depth look at auditing bank information systems.
From $20.00

Bank Secrecy Act: BSA and Compliance Officers

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is one of the main tools the Federal Government uses to combat financial crimes and terrorist activity.
From $20.00

Bank Secrecy Act: Frontline and Deposit Operations

This course is made up of five individual courses that cover a variety of topics that affect frontline and deposit operations staff.
From $20.00

Bank Secrecy Act: In Depth

Everything frontline staff need to know about the Bank Secrecy Act
From $20.00

Bank Secrecy Act: Information Sharing

The voluntary and mandatory Information Sharing provisions in Bank Secrecy Act help stop financial crime.
From $20.00