Elearning for Kids Under 12

These courses are intended for children under the age of 12.

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*FREE Kidz Bundle

Please enjoy this FREE bundle of 16 online courses for kids.
Picture of *Worried about Coronavirus?

*Worried about Coronavirus?

Learn how to cope with anxiety and the coronavirus.

*Complete Kidz Bundle

This bundle includes 76 English and 5 French courses!
From $9.99

A Little Loan for Benji

I Need More Money!
From $3.99

A Safe Place for Our Money

The Yard Kidz open a bank account
From $3.99

Alors tu veux démarrer une entreprise!

Sam et Katie décident de démarrer une entreprise et c’est le début de Yard Kids!
From $3.99

American Political System

This course is an introduction to the American political system and the different levels of government.
From $3.99

An Alien's Guide to Canadian Politics

This course is an introduction to the three levels of government in the Canadian political system.
From $3.99

Before You Start Playing Hockey

So you've decided you LOVE hockey! Now let's find out what equipment you need and learn the rules of the game!
From $3.99

Budget Basics

Kat and Angie learn how a budget can help you meet your financial goals.
From $3.99

Buying vs Renting

This course introduces children to the rationale behind renting musical instruments or sports equipment. It also discusses borrowing and buying used equipment.
From $3.99

Care for Your Cat

Learn how to keep your cat happy, healthy and well-behaved.
From $3.99

Care for Your Dog

Learn how to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved.
From $3.99

Comment se faire payer

En argent comptant? Par chèque? Par carte de crédit? Quel est le meilleur moyen pour Yard Kidz de se faire payer?
From $3.99

Counting Comes First

Making Choices With Our Money
From $3.99