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Drive Employee Growth with Online Learning

Drive Employee Growth with Online Learning

A strong online learning culture is a great way to show your staff that you are leading the drive for employee growth to help elevate your business and their careers.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this hugely informative article, “Taking Care Of Business...Through Learning!” by Ajay Pangarkar for the eLearning Industry website. Ajay is an eLearning expert, performance strategist, and the award-winning workplace author of “The Trainer’s Balanced Scorecard” book.

Ajay’s piece takes a deep dive into the various steps you’ll need to consider to initiate an online learning culture that will require time to deliver actionable results. By aligning your business objectives to your employees' personal aspirations, you will be able to help them grow by delivering real change in your online learning culture.

Ajay said:

“These are just some of the actions you can initiate to deliver business results for your learning efforts. It's also your opportunity to subtly initiate a cultural shift, influencing the change your leaders expect. It's all about taking small steps, and it's about taking the first step rather than complaining about your stakeholders not valuing learning. This is your chance to slowly and subtly prove that they're wrong about learning, all while making them look good.”

Click the link below to read Ajay’s excellent piece in full and find out how you can drive employee growth with online learning today.

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