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How Adults Learn

This course outlines strategies to create engaging, effective and learner-centered training.
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Learner-centered training is outcomes based. Effective training addresses the outcomes and desired performance. Training must be engaging as well as informative. In this course, How Adults Learn, strategies utilized to create engaging, effective, and learner-centered training are outlined.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how adults learn.
  • Utilize strategies to engage adult learners.
  • Create a training plan.
  • Develop training content.

Course Outline:

  • Page 2. Introduction
    • Welcome to How Adults Learn
    • Course Objectives
  • Page 3. How Adult Learn
    • How Adults Learn
    • The Adult Learner
    • Adult Learning Principles and Training

  • Page 4. Developing Training
    • Designing Training for Adults
    • The ADDIE Model
    • Check Your Understanding 1
    • Check Your Understanding 2
  • Page 5. Developing Content
    • Developing Content
    • Build Skills, Attitudes and Behaviors
    • Writing Outcomes for Your Training Plan
    • Examples of Outcomes

  • Page 6. Conclusion
    • Summary

Target Audience:

Managers and Supervisors


0.5 hours


Accessible, audio, hybrid, mobile



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