Impactful Training Advice

Impactful Training Advice

Reflecting on key learning decisions is vitally important to businesses of all sizes when creating impactful training .

To help you make the right decisions when it comes to your employee training, we’ve sourced this very interesting piece by Lisa Obianuju Alvarez for the Training Industry website called “Reflection: The Missing Link for Impactful Training.”

Lisa is an experienced leadership coach and group facilitator with a decade of experience in helping organizations realize their full potential. With a BA in psychology and a PsyD in organizational development, Lisa is recognized for her expertise in creating work environments where individuals and teams can transform and engage to create performance breakthroughs.

Her thoughtful article shows how reflection at each of these stages below can be crucial to creating an impactful training experience.

  • Preparation
  • Creating interest
  • Mid-point check-in
  • Debriefing

Lisa said:

“Due to the present-day focus on execution and efficiency, the practice of inquiry has been reduced to an afterthought. Reflection lies at the core of transformational training sessions. Consideration adds value to the learning material and encourages participants’ investment in the experience. This opportunity for personal evaluation promises the maximum potential for learning and application to be fully realized.”

Click the link below to read Lisa’s innovative article in full and discover how you can create impactful training at your company today.

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