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Mortgage Fraud

Bottom line: mortgage fraud hurts banks and their customers. This course gives you the tools you need to help protect your bank and your customers from mortgage fraud.
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Mortgage fraud is a serious topic in the banking sector. A 2006 FBI report on this growing criminal industry estimated losses of $4.2 billion nationwide due to mortgage fraud. In 2009, this estimate was $14 billion!


It is important that you are aware of the damage mortgage fraud can do to the finances and reputations of banks and their customers. This module will introduce common indicators of mortgage fraud, the mechanics of popular mortgage schemes, and what you, as a banker, can do to help prevent mortgage fraud at your institution.

This course includes an examination.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define mortgage fraud
  • Identify common indicators of mortgage fraud
  • Identify common mortgage fraud schemes
  • Help your bank prevent mortgage fraud

Course Outline:

  •   Mortgage Fraud Schemes
  • Ensuring that all instances of mortgage fraud at your institution are reported accurately
    • Property Flipping
    • Silent Second
    • Silent Gift
    • Nominee Loans/Straw Buyers
    • Fictitious/Stolen Identity
    • Foreclosure schemes
    • Equity Skimming
    • Fake Government Modification Programs
    • Leaseback/Rent-to-buy schemes
    • Debt elimination schemes
  • Indicators of Mortgage Fraud
    • Identity concerns
    • Property value concerns
    • Unusual transaction concerns
  • Preventing Mortgage Fraud
    • Implementing a customer education program
    • Training all levels of bank employees in mortgage fraud identification and detection


0.83 hours


Audio, Hybrid




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