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New Elearning Courses for 2022

New Elearning Courses for 2022

We are pleased to announce a number of brand new eLearning courses to help take your employer and employee online training to the next level.

Active Shooter Course

We’ve expanded our Active Shooter training to include a new eLearning module called ‘How to Respond to an Active Shooter in Retail.’ This course explores how associates and managers can prepare for, prevent, respond, and manage an active shooter situation at a retail store. Active shooter situations are an unfortunate reality today, but planning and preparation will help an organization reduce the likelihood of such a situation and mitigate the harm if an incident does occur. 

This course outlines an emergency action plan and appropriate training, good practices in responding to an active shooter incident, reviews the signs of potential workplace violence and outlines measures to take after a violent event. We are offering this course at no charge for all customers.

View Active Shooter Course here

New Harassment Courses

We have won awards for our best-in-class harassment training over the last eight years, and we are excited to launch our brand new 2022 Harassment Prevention eLearning series. We don’t offer the same content over and over – every year we create a brand new course to cover evolving best practices and new threats in the workplace. Our interactive modern courses cover all the latest mandates and feature branching, live video, live narrator, animated video, interactive quizzes, knowledge checks, and real work scenarios. We also have different courses for supervisors and for employees and within those courses offer role-based learning experiences to best address all risks.

We’ve got you covered in every state and province in the U.S. and Canada, including covering the latest laws in Illinois, New York, California and they are available in English or Spanish.  

There’s no other eLearning solution that covers all jurisdictions in the U.S. – including provinces in Canada. Our courses are constantly monitored for legislative changes and seamlessly updated in real time without any interference to the learner. 

View Harassment Series here

Compliance Training and the New DOJ Guidance

We have won awards for our compliance training for and part of that success is because we have modified our harassment prevention training program to not only meet the DOJ guidance, but also to strengthen employee’s decision making.

Here are a few key points about training from the DOJ’s updated Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance. (The document is a reference of questions prosecutors can ask organizations during an investigation).

Are employees being effectively trained?

  • Compliance best practices and mitigation strategies—not to mention the threats organizations face—are constantly evolving, so training must evolve as well.
  • Role Specific Training: broad compliance training given to every employee might have just a few questions important to a person’s role whereas role specific training offers more relevancy and engagement.
  • No engagement: Make the training interactive so learners want to engage.
  • Make sure the training is effective which ultimately means a reduction in incidents.

The DOJ wants companies to be proactive instead of reactive and training is the best way to meet that goal. Empowering employees with knowledge helps them make better decisions.

View Compliance Training courses here

Cybersecurity Elearning Series

Today, cybersecurity training is essential for all employees to best protect your business, staff, and customers. With this timely need to keep your company secure in the forefront, Vubiz has expanded its online offerings to include an extensive and comprehensive series on cybersecurity training.

 Our cybersecurity training covers a broad range of all the various threats and vulnerabilities including phishing, ransomware attacks, and password & identity theft. It is absolutely essential for an organization to train its employees in password, email, and general IT security.

A company has to train everyone as if one employee lacks the right knowledge about cybersecurity it can cause massive damage to the organization. With cybersecurity, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

View Cybersecurity Training courses here