Personalize Your Elearning Experience

Personalize Your Elearning Experience

Personalizing the eLearning experience for the employees at your company is a great way to show that you’re planning for everyone’s future.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Dr. Yvette Appiah for the Training Industry website called “3 Ways To Personalize Learning in Your Workplace.”

An eLearning specialist and senior instructional designer for almost three decades, Dr. Appiah has a real passion for designing customized training experiences. Her great piece takes a deep-dive into the best ways you can personalize your eLearning experience, including:

  • Learner preference assessment
  • Successful communication techniques
  • Instructor-led training
  • Role-based learning

Dr. Appiah said:

“For improved outcomes, the learning experience must become a custom fit for the learner. This is an easy order to fill for an individual learner, but how do you make customization work in the workplace with various departments, teams and diverse thinkers? Employees can create career maps based on the role or skill learned and feel more confident about owning the new role because the learning was absorbed in a preferred way. Using this approach is also a benefit for L&D departments because it provides data on how learners learn best, which brings insight into building out the content for each learning journey in a way that reaches and impacts how information is best absorbed.”

Click the link below to read Dr. Appiah’s fantastic article in full and find out how you can personalize your employee eLearning experience today.

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