Project Management

Much of your work is probably organized around projects. How do you know who should do what and by when? How do you make sure the work gets done to specifications and on time?
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Project management is a critical skill. This program provides the information and skills needed to manage projects, from a basic understanding of what project management is, through designing the project management life cycle, articulating a mission statement that reflects objectives and stakeholder expectations, and effective planning and use of resources, to project risk management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key management skills needed for project management
  • Understand the phases of the project life cycle
  • Specify measurable goals and objectives for the project
  • Assess, mitigate and manage risk

Course Outline:

  • Project Management: The Basics (12492EN) – This course is designed to introduce and define project management terminology and to present the boundaries and basic responsibilities of all individuals involved in the project management process. This is an introductory course for the basics of project management.
  • Project Management: Getting Ready (12494EN) –This course is designed to introduce the project management life cycle and to show where a project begins and ends. The project manager should be able to identify organizational support structures and the key organizational influences that can affect a project. 
  • Project Management: Goals and Stakeholders (12560EN) – Mission statements should be developed for each project or program to set goals and objectives and to provide guidelines for making decisions. Understanding the role and motivation of individual project stakeholders will assist the project team in developing a mission statement that is not only meaningful but also attainable.
  • Project Risk Management (12340EN) – Risk can be an essential feature of any project. The decision to take risks should be based on the potential benefit, or the opportunity vs. the penalty. This module will provide project managers with the information they need to identify and manage project risks.


4 hours


Audio, video, accessible, hybrid, mobile


12492EN 12494EN 12560EN 12340EN

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