Making a Recommendation

This Making a Recommendation online training course is designed for sales employees and explores the fifth step in the Systematic Selling process. One, that can be made more effective by tailoring the benefits to the prospect’s behavioral style. This course provides you with the knowledge to identify and present prospect-focused recommendations to foster a mutually beneficial business relationship.
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This Making a Recommendation online training course explores the fifth step in the Systematic Selling process.

Your company may have several products and services that could help your client. However, you wouldn’t go about recommending all of them at once. Best practice dictates that you recommend one suite of solutions that best meets your prospect’s objectives. This course will enable you to identify a prospect-focused recommendation by converging on the benefits, rather than the characteristics, of the solution. Your success at presenting benefits will be increased if you consider your prospect’s behavior style.

Takeaways from this course will include knowledge and tips on how to present a recommendation in your workplace.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Making a Recommendation course, the user will learn to:

  • List the characteristics of a prospect-focused recommendation.
  • Distinguish between features and benefits.
  • Identify ways of linking benefits to behavior styles.
  • Outline objectives, features, and benefits.
  • Review the steps used in presenting a recommendation.

Course Outline

This online Making a Recommendation course is made up of the following sections:

  1. The Systematic Selling Process
  2. Making a Prospect-Focused Recommendation
  3. Linking Benefits to Behavior Styles
  4. Outlining Objectives, Benefits, and Features
  5. Presenting the Recommendation
  6. Personal Application

Course Audience

This Making a Recommendation online training course was designed for sales employees.

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Course Language English
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Length (Hours) 0.5
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