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Disrupting Unconscious Bias

Disrupting Unconscious Bias

If you’re looking for some great ways to disrupt unconscious bias in your place of work, then we’ve sourced four great strategies that you should consider.

Amri Johnson has put together a fantastic piece for the Training Industry website called “4 Cultural Intelligence Skills to Disrupt Unconscious Bias.” For over two decades, Amri has been an inclusion strategist and executive advisor who has been instrumental in helping organizations create extraordinary business outcomes. As the CEO and founder of Inclusion Wins, he is also the author of the new book “Reconstructing Inclusion: Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Accessible, Actionable, and Sustainable” to help organizations thrive via inclusive leadership and practices.

We have our very own unconscious bias online training course that is designed for all employees, supervisors, and management. Our course explains the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace, the steps you can take to manage it, and how to make better choices and connections.

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Amri’s great piece looks at the recurring costs of unconscious bias, and the steps required to increase the drive, knowledge, strategy and action of cultural intelligence (CQ) in the workplace.

He said:“Bias can create very stressful environments where employees struggle to feel emotionally safe. Employees who are consistently on the receiving end of biased assumptions are nearly three times as likely to be disengaged and leave as those who are not. Strengthening cultural intelligence is the key to moving people from reacting unconsciously to taking a more intentional, inclusive approach. Doing so will benefit your employees and customers and make your organization a stronger, healthier place to work.”

Click the link below to read Amir’s fantastic piece in full, and find out how you can disrupt unconscious bias in your workplace today.

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