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Harassment Training Laws Update

Harassment Training Laws Update

Harassment Training Laws have been updated across the country and deadlines are approaching to comply by December 31, 2020. Employers in California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut have mandates to provide training to employees and/or supervisors.

Sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discrimination are damaging to organizations, employees and society at large. These online harassment prevention training courses will give employers, supervisors and employees a timely reminder and greater understanding of harassment and illegal discrimination – how they can be prevented, and the processes to follow when a complaint is made.

Illegal discrimination occurs when an employer, including a company supervisor, makes a decision about an employee or a job applicant with respect to hiring, firing, compensation and all terms, conditions and privileges of employment, based on the protected characteristics of the employee.

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as an employer, supervisor or employee to prevent harassment and illegal discrimination with our remote training compliance courses that comply in:

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