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Improve Your Intercultural Communication

Improve Your Intercultural Communication

With different cultures working together more than ever before, it's important to understand both verbal and non-verbal intercultural communication in the workplace.

That's why we thought we'd share with you this fantastic article by Maren Dinges for the Training Industry website. Maren is a human resources writer and project manager for Simpleshow. Her interesting piece, '5 Ways to Enhance Intercultural Communication and Training', takes a look at how a deeper intercultural understanding can help increase collaboration in the workplace, with article topics including:

  • Make intercultural differences visual
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Try it out in real life
  • Know your cultural similarities and differences
  • Put your know-how into practice

Maren said:

"The globally connected world we live in has diversified the way we work. Different cultures are mixing and working together more than ever before. This also leads to a change in communication, given that different cultures communicate differently. Think about the thumbs up signal. While the verbal expression of the thumbs up is an expression of approval and appreciation in many cultural circles, it is considered an insult in countries such as Australia and Nigeria. Both verbal and non-verbal communication need to be considered to avoid misunderstandings. It’s all about learning. In order to master intercultural communication, one thing is essential - an appreciation for the other person’s culture. If you keep this in mind, you will become a pro in intercultural communication skills."

Click the link below to read Maren's great article in full on the Training Industry website, and learn how you can improve the intercultural communication at your company today.

Read full article here