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Increase Inclusion in the Workplace

Increase Inclusion in the Workplace

For many business leaders, initiatives to increase inclusion and diversity must now be front-and-center in the workplace. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this article by Naz Beheshti for Forbes Women on how ‘Inclusion, not only diversity, should be the goal if we want an equitable workplace’.

Naz’s company, Prananaz, help organizations to improve their company culture alongside employee engagement and well-being. Beginning her career as the executive assistant to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Naz has a deep understanding of the challenges leaders and professionals face in high-pressure environments.

Her article for Forbes touches on how if diversity is about getting underrepresented people in the door, inclusion is about getting them an equal seat at the table. Topics include:

  • Numbers ensure transparency and accountability
  • Don’t blame the pipeline
  • There must be diversity at the top
  • Inclusion lags behind diversity

Naz Beheshti said:

“We are amid a defining turning point in our nation’s history. The business case for diversity is stronger than ever right now. The way Black Lives Matter is resonating with a broad multi-racial coalition demonstrates that this is about much more than the bottom line. Business leaders who seize the moment can not only do right by their companies, they can make a substantial contribution to creating a more just and equitable society.”

Click the link below to read Naz’s full article on the Forbes website and find out how you can increase inclusion in the workplace.

Read full article here

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