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eLearning Safety Training Tools

eLearning Safety Training Tools

If you’re looking for some essential Coronavirus eLearning safety training tools to help your business during the pandemic, check out this great article from eLearning Industry.

The piece was written by Christopher Pappas, who not only holds an MBA and Med (Learning Design) from BGSU, but is also the Founder of eLearning Industry – the leading publisher of online learning professionals.

The article breaks down six essential eLearning safety training tools that you should consider to help in the battle with Covid-19. These systems will allow you to maintain and customize the online training content to meet your ever-evolving compliance needs. These include:

  •       Compliance LMS
  •       Rapid eLearning authoring tool
  •       Web conferencing software
  •       Project management platform
  •       Video editing software
  •       Social media

Christopher said:

“The global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. People have been forced to work from home, schools have shut their doors, and we’re all preparing for the "new normal." But what does that mean for businesses? How can you ease employees back into their job duties and provide them with a safe workspace? It all starts with a safety training strategy and the right eLearning software. Platforms that help you bring staffers up to speed and create online training content that’s relevant and relatable.”

Click the link below to read the full article at eLearning Industry to find out what essential tools you need for Coronavirus safety training.

Read full article here

We offer two mandated safety training courses for both employers and employees for the best practices for returning to work in 2020. With governments taking steps toward reopening their economies, organizations and their employees in every sector need to have comprehensive plans in place to evaluate and control the risks associated with COVID-19. 

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