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Employee Wellness Tips for 2022

Employee Wellness Tips for 2022

If you’re looking for some great ways to increase employee wellness at your organization, then we have sourced some great professional advice for you.

John Staub has put together a fantastic piece for the Training Industry website called ‘Supporting Employee Wellness and Well-being in the Workplace’, which shines a light on some of the key physical, mental and emotional needs to help support employee wellness in today’s new world.

John serves as Director of Outreach for Remodel Health, a Human Resource service that provides innovative health benefit solutions to employers and employees alike. As a national thought leader and expert in the employee wellness field, John brings passion and knowledge to the industry, with his great article looking at some key employee wellness topics:

  • Solid health Insurance plans
  • Social well-being for employees’ health
  • Purpose-driven well-being for mental health growth

John said:

“Wellness can keep employees engaged at work, and a targeted, purposeful emphasis on your employees’ health makes the difference between retaining them or losing them. Employees want continued, trusting support from their employers. Well-being should not be viewed simply as a company benefit, but as an opportunity to provide for your workforce in all aspects, mentally, physically and emotionally. With these small changes, your organization will see results.”

Click the link below to read John’s interesting article in full, and find out how you can increase employee wellness at your organization today.

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