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How to Improve eLearning Outcomes

How to Improve eLearning Outcomes

If you're looking to improve eLearning outcomes at your business, we've sourced the perfect information for you to make a real difference for your company employees today.

David Meshkov has put together a brilliant article called "Back to the Basics: Improve Learning Outcomes by Shifting to the Essentials" for the Training Industry website. David has almost a decade of experience as Head of Course Design at Knopman Marks, where he oversees the creation and updating of all content. By delivering courses that are engaging, interesting, and “sticky” to students, David's work can help learners to retain and recall information to gain confidence and study more effectively.

His interesting piece is broken down into five different deep-dive 'gears':

  • Gear One - Start with the mindset
  • Gear Two - Sharpen the focus
  • Gear Three - Boost mastery
  • Gear Four - Prioritize the fundamentals
  • Gear Five - Positive reinforcement

David said:

"As training professionals, we are captivated by questions about how we can help individuals learn in the most effective way possible. What are some of the best techniques to improve comprehension, retention and recall that every learner can apply? How can we mitigate stress and burnout and harness the stress that can arise during high-stakes training? Drawing on the latest research in learning theory, neuroscience, and positive psychology, and more than ten years of hands-on experiences as an instructor, the strategies that follow maximize learning, accelerate progress, and improve outcomes by returning to the essentials."

Click the link below to read David's excellent piece in full over on the Training industry website and find out how you can adapt and improve eLearning outcomes for your company today.

Read full article here