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Improve Your Employee Safety Training

Improve Your Employee Safety Training

As a company, it's more important now more than ever to ensure your employee safety training is up to standard. That's why we thought we'd share with you some strong tips on how you can ensure your workers move from simple basic knowledge, to real-world application.

Kristin Cederlind has put together some great advice in her piece "7 Steps to Improving Employee Safety and Wellness Training" for the Training Industry website. Kristen is an experienced Director of Clinical Services who collaborates with manufacturing employers and therapists to develop customized on-site services to improve employee health and safety.

Her important article shines a light on seven steps you should consider when looking to improve your employee safety training:

  • Review the data
  • Observe the work
  • Analyze the risk
  • Prioritize the risk
  • Implement preventive measures
  • Training and development
  • Evaluate the effectiveness

Kristen said:

"Adult learners, having accumulated life experience, may need their perspective to be respected and valued to buy-in to new processes. As workplace risks are identified, engage employees in finding solutions. They are the subject matter experts (SMEs), and there’s no better way to solve a problem than by engaging those closest to the work. Not only can you gain many risk mitigation ideas, but also your training efforts can be more sustainable for the future."

Click the link below to read Kristen's article in full and find out how you can improve your employee safety training today.

Read full article here

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