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Inclusive Online Learning Tips

Inclusive Online Learning Tips

If you’re looking for some great advice on how to create inclusive online learning experiences for your company and employees, then we have the perfect intel for you.

We sourced this fantastic article by David Whitfield for the Training Industry website called ‘How to Create Inclusive Online Learning Experiences’. David is the co-founder and CEO of HR DataHub, a benchmarking platform that has all the tools you need to get insights for diversity and inclusion, employee relations and people analytics. David also spent 15 years as a senior HR leader at several of the UK’s most well-known corporations such as the Post Office, DHL and Heathrow.

David’s fantastic piece takes a look at how we need to recognize inclusive online learning to help build a workplace culture that recognizes the value of contributions from people of all ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, races and abilities. The article focuses on a number of key topics, including:

  • Remote work expands the learning opportunity
  • Creating a learning experience for all employees
  • Embracing the possibilities of new technologies
  • Making online learning hybrid

David said:

"A human approach to training will always be a necessity in some industries where technical learning is needed. By their very nature, online learning and development programs come with limitations that will undoubtedly have an impact on employee engagement and participation. However, by understanding the make-up of your workforce and creating inclusive, personalized experiences, you can deliver learning and development experiences that empower your remote and hybrid learners."

Click the link below to visit the Training Industry website to read David’s article in full and find out how you can create an inclusive online learning experience at your company today.

Read full article here