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Increase Learner Engagement

Increase Learner Engagement

An important part of any core business today is to increase learner engagement without creating a stressful environment in today’s already hectic world.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Andrew Morton for the Training Industry website to help you understand the many factors that employees have been dealing with over the past few years. “Boost Learner Engagement and Retention with Mental Health Benefits” explains in great detail how businesses can increase learner engagement and staff retention by considering your employee’s wellness and mental health requirements.

Andrew Morton is a global tech executive with a fantastic track record in successfully building and maintaining innovative companies. His interesting piece focuses on how placing extra importance on wellness and mental health benefits can help significantly increase learner engagement and improve productivity in the workplace.

Andrew said:

“The bottom line is that mental health is integral to our overall health. When left unaddressed, mental health can take a toll on physical health, in addition to the negative impact it has on motivation, productivity and learning. Learning and business leaders who recognize this and respond with generous mental health and wellness benefits will support improved performance and learning over time, in addition to engaging and retaining their people.”

Click the link below to read Andrew’s great article in full on the Training Industry website and find out how you can increase staff retention and learner engagement today. 

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