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New Workplace Training Courses

New Workplace Training Courses

We are pleased to announce that we have two brand new workplace training courses that will help you improve your HR and hiring during 2021. With our ‘Multigenerational Workforce’ and ‘Hiring Right in a Virtual Environment’ courses, you can not only ensure that you are creating a diverse mix of generations working together, but also that you have a real understanding of the virtual interview process.

Multigenerational Workforce Course

This online training course was designed for employees and managers to explore generations in the workplace and how they connect. This course offers practical strategies to promote generational leadership, how to build community across ages in the workplace, generational differences, similarities, and how to leverage differences as strengths. By taking this course, the user will learn:

  • Recognize five workplace generations and some common characteristics and experiences.
  • Gain awareness about stereotypes and microaggressions that contribute to harmful behavior that excludes others.
  • Increase understanding about communication styles related to generational differences.
  • Build skills to increase generational connectedness, knowledge sharing, and leadership development.
  • Learn practical ways to connect with people who identify within different generations to build better relationships and leverage team strengths.

Hiring Right in a Virtual Environment

This workplace training course will give you an understanding of the virtual interview and selection process, providing you with practical tips for managing the steps in the process, including the key skills you need to conduct an efficient and effective interview with potential candidates. By taking this course, the user will learn:

  • Develop objective job criteria.
  • Develop objective and illuminating interview questions.
  • Conduct an interview that extracts key information from the candidate.
  • Analyze interview results and rate applicants against objective criteria.

As we slowly and cautiously begin to reopen businesses worldwide, we hope these two new workplace training courses help you to hire with confidence.