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Science of Workplace Instruction Review

Science of Workplace Instruction Review

This week on the Vubiz blog we thought we’d not only offer you the chance to download the ‘The Science of Workplace Instruction: Learning and Development Applied to Work’ paper, but also a great review of the piece by recognized scholar Clark Quinn.

Clark works for education institutes, governments and not-for-profit organizations in engagement and integrated learning science. With a track record in innovation and development of advanced uses of technology, Clark has earned a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of California, San Diego, after working for DesignWare, an early educational-software company.

With keynotes both nationally and internationally, Clark has broken down some of the core instructional principles of the piece for ATD, including:

  • Content
  • Sequencing
  • Engaging the learner cognitively
  • Effective practice
  • Develop past initial mastery

Clark Quinn said:

“In the 2021 Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Kurt Kraiger and J. Kevin Ford address The Science of Workplace Instruction: Learning and Development Applied to Work. This is a relevant summary for L&D professionals, so it’s worth summarizing. The overall endeavor includes several parts. The first is a proposal for a science of workplace instruction, which leads to 15 empirically supported principles. They also debunk several persistent myths that plague our industry. They conclude with requests for further research. As professionals, there’s serious value in here.”

Click the link below to read Clark’s great summary on the ATD website.


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